Blackhawks captain says concussion effects lingered until 5-day stint at chiropractic neurology center last week

Jonathan Toews wasn’t fully recovered from a concussion when he played during last season’s playoffs.

The Blackhawks captain wasn’t 100 percent healed in July. Or October. In fact, it wasn’t until late last week that Toews was convinced he’s completely over the concussion that caused him to miss the final two months of the 2011-12 regular season before he returned in the postseason against the Coyotes.

While Toews was symptom-free and had cleared all the NHL-imposed concussion protocols before returning to the Hawks’ lineup, there were lingering effects from the injury that even the 24-year-old center didn’t realize were affecting him. They included balance and eyesight issues that were discovered and solved during a five-day stint at an Atlanta-area chiropractic neurology facility last week.

"Even if you don’t feel something and you think you’re symptom-free, there’s probably still something there that’s kind of hindering you and affecting the way your brain works," Toews told the Tribune on Wednesday. "It was just a lot of eye-movement things. My eyes didn’t track very well. They didn’t look from one target to the next very well. My balance with my eyes closed and my head turned a certain way was terrible. (There were) little things that I would think were normal because I didn’t feel something in my head.

"But (the chiropractic neurology work) got me back to Square One and I feel great. When I walked out of there I was definitely really tired because you’re doing a lot of exercises that wear on you, but it’s definitely a good thing."

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Jonathan Toews nearing Europe decision

The time is coming soon for Jonathan Toews to make a decision on heading to Europe to play during the NHL lockout.

Even as several of his Chicago Blackhawks teammates have begun playing overseas, Toews has waited while negotiations between the NHL and the players’ union on a new collective bargaining agreement have dragged on. With no end in sight to the lockout that began Sept. 15 and no formal talks scheduled, the captain is poised to join a European team.

“It’s always on my mind,” Toews said Wednesday after an informal workout with several Hawks teammates and other NHL players at Johnny’s IceHouse in Chicago. “We’ll see what happens the next couple of weeks. We’re really getting to that point where enough is enough and if nothing happens, then decisions have to be made. We’ve hung tight long enough so we’ll see.”

There are six Hawks playing in Europe: Patrick Kane, Bryan Bickell, Viktor Stalberg, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Michael Frolik and Michal Rozsival.

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Here enjoy an innocent baby David and baby Jon brushing their teeth

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okay, enough with the messages about Jon’s gf. He can date who he wants, it really doesn’t affect your life. 

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Anonymous said: what is your favourite kind of chips

Regular I guess

Anonymous said: Unsportsmanlike is reporting Toews is dating Lindsay Vecchione...heard anything to support/disprove it?

What’s unsportsmanlike? And yes he’s dating her, for a while now. 

David Toews wants you to know he has a great personality and speaks French. So pick him for “Date A Condor Night”

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Jonathan Toews Bauer performance base layer

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Jonathan Toews Life Skills 

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 9 year old Jonathan Toews scores a beauty

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Anonymous said: was the charity game aired on tv?



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